Cheap Area Rugs Change Your Personality

Do you have a dull, drab room that needs a facelift? An adventure awaits you when you undertake the task of decorating your room and making it exciting and new! There are many different things you can add to a room that will add pizzazz, interest, sparkle and personality to an otherwise boring room. Braided rugs, a custom floor mat, oriental rugs or cheap area rugs are a great way to hold together a room’s theme. There are just numerous touches such as interesting furnishings and imaginative wall coverings, such as decorative wallpaper or paint that can help with the transformation, too. Consider adding interesting-to-look-at-furnishings such as a ready enamel coffee table, a rustic pine hutch, a dark armoire, a terrific tufted ottoman or a textured rattan chair. Or how about some unique art? Consider such items as prints, photographs, framed posters, and paintings that will give your room dimension and depth. They’re going to underscore the theme and mood of your room with color and style.

Antiques are another piece of imaginative creativity that will add character to a room. Off in the corner of one room, consider laying a custom floor mat and placing a carefully chosen antique piece on top it such as a chest of drawers or an armoire, chair or side table. Texture is another important component of any finally decorated room. Try to avoid an all-shiny or all-textured room by mixing shiny, hard, textured, rough, and soft all-in-one. You may want to consider white ironstone along with twigs on a rough country cupboard. This combines different textures into a nice theme. Try setting some glass candles sticks, next to a wood planter of ivy on a marble counter top or stone tabletop. Or, try putting some framed architectural photos on a shiny painted mantle and arrange a collection of matte ceramic plates around it.

The sky is the limit for ideas, especially when it comes to themes. Oriental rugs will add a touch of incredible beauty and an oriental theme. From English hunt club to rustic country porch, to all white rooms and artistic lofts, quaint Victorian and industrial steel. The ideas are almost endless. Remember, if your room lacks focus, come up with the theme and use accessories to accomplish the look. Do you collect teapots? Regardless of what type of favorite collection you may have, why not face the theme of your room around your favorite collection! There is a way to use these items as focal points, accessories and points of interest! You can also use stenciling in imaginative ways. From corner vines, faux windows, quotations, or borders there are many stencils that will help you add a touch of interest and color to any room. Remember that cheap area rugs can be used to fill in areas effectively without the cost. Have you ever considered old pieces of architectural salvage? This tremendous idea adds looks of texture, dimension, and charm. You going to find such items as weathered columns, crackled corner moldings, iron gates and more. Furthermore, you can add interest to your ceiling with stencils, medallions and faux beams. Try shopping for one-of-a-kind antique that will automatically add interest to any room. Shopping at flea markets is a great place to start. If you have an older home, you may want to keep that vintage look by adding some home parts and decorative moldings such as mantles, screen doors, porch posts, brackets and more. Shop online and look for online shopping resources. Add drama to a room with specialty lighting such as wall sconces, specialty task lighting and more. Remember, you are only limited by our imagination. Have fun!

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