Environmental Choice At Home- Bamboo Shades

As we enter a new political era, we can certainly expect old, seemingly satisfied, discussions to return from their resting places. We can expect a new discussion of global warming and the environment to return. While talking about environmental problems is good, it is not enough without also taking the steps necessary to make environmentally friendly changes in our lives and home. As the expression goes, ?think global, act local.? Never mind the bad English there, the expression means that we have to make our changes first, before we can expect anyone else to make changes.

We should all cut our gas consumption by driving as little as possible. And if we drive just a little slower, we can also conserve gas. These changes are rather simple and obvious, and there are so many other little changes we can make in our lives that can add up and really help to save the environment. The average household uses quite a bit of energy. If you can cut your energy use, you can help the planet. Some of the changes are easy, like choosing bamboo shades. Although there are some window treatments that can provide energy-saving benefits, only bamboo shades made from natural wood can do it in a cost-effective way.

When it comes to home d?cor and window treatment selection, there are many options to consider. Bamboo shades reduce the amount of sunlight that enters a room, which can significantly decrease your air conditioning usage. Many people use electrical devices to air condition their houses during the hot weather. Bamboo shades have many light and heat blocking features. Standard open shades only block 25% to 90% of incoming sunlight, while bamboo shades can block up to 100% of it. These percentages are estimates of how much heat you can block; blocking out heat means you don’t have to use as much energy to cool the room. All you have to do is use shades made from woven wood. Blocking light and heat can also reduce damage to your furnishings.

Often the first thing you do before you change your clothes is to close the blinds or the shades. Then you would need to turn the lights on, using electricity. Bamboo shades are particularly nice because they offer the combination of privacy with natural light. Unlined bamboo shades ensure that plenty of natural daylight can enter through a window, without compromising privacy, so you are able to save energy by using that natural light.

Now that we have considered the basics, the final thing to think about is what happens to your bamboo shades when it is time to get new ones. These blinds are made from materials that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The shades are made mainly from biodegradable bamboo threads; there are a few metal and plastic parts, but they are small, so when you throw away your shades, you can be comfortable with the knowledge that they won’t be piling up. Bamboo shades will instead decompose and become useful to the earth. Instead of a bunch of plastic pieces that will still be around in a thousand years, bamboo shades are biodegradable.

What you choose for your window treatments can be a component of an overall home energy plan. Bamboo shades can be a vital part of this plan. Shades made of woven wood block out the light as well as the eyes of passersby. Bamboo shades have the added benefit of being biodegradable. The light control features of bamboo shades can help to cut your home energy usage. All in all, choosing bamboo shades is beneficial for the environment.

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