HP LTO1 C7971A Ultrium First Generation Media Tape

Since the digital data growing with alarming speed and creates many challenges to the storage industry, there is a huge boost in using high tech storage devices. Many types of devices are available in market like hard drives, flash memory cards, magnetic tapes, DVD, CD, and use of very diverse storage equipments for preservation of very important and sensitive data, because this data is very important for modern day businesses, departmental usage, education, finance, research, medical and even for government agencies. Even though disk format is attractive key factor of any data storage settings but magnetic cartridge modernism is standstills. The truth is rather the conflicting. Hewlett Packard has never blocked rising groundbreaking new magnetic tape technologies like LTO with quicker backup speed rate, superior capacities and reliable new features. The high tech magnetic LTO tapes reduced the total cost of the data storage operations. The HP Linear Tape Open magnetic cartridge format is best and reliable storage media which showing excellent efficiencies in other areas.
The first generation of HP C7971A is well designed and engineered with high quality material and best manufacturing processes. Adoption of some most reliable technologies and exited techniques, and used best combination to developed new generation tapes for higher storage requirements. Hewlett Packard developed most reliable coating techniques with the use of high class metal particles and create a base film which able to have a high recording density with 384 data track on 12.65mm wide and 609M long cartridge. The C7971A cartridge offers impressive 100GB native and 200GB with a compressed data storage capacity of a small form factor media cartridge with excellent and reliable basic features.
Excellent reliability of HP C7971A LTO-1 tape through creation of an open platform and reliable compatibility with LTO Ultrium 1 tape drive regardless of the Hewlett Packard hardware. This is compatible with all brands of LTO technology logo’s tape drive and auto loaders. This is an excellent feature of HP LTO1 tape offer businesses have the best prospect to regulate all of their storage requirements. The high quality servo system offers accurate and stable data read and write processes, with accurate and well positioned servo system.
High quality memory chip or LTO-CM (4KB) is pre installed in HP LTO-1 cartridge. This is very reliable part of LTO technology which is also featured in different magnetic tape format and other storage devices. The memory chip is able to hold very important data about the HP LTO C7971A usage history, and uses this information during data transfer operations between cartridge and tape memory chip also accelerates the desired data researching speed during load and unload processes with complete reliability.
Best durable and most outstanding cartridge designed also enhanced HP LTO-1 C7971A performance, with high durability data stability. Perfectly closed casing of cartridge prevent inside components and enlarged durability with 30 years of usage of the cartridge with millions of passes through every part of HP LTO 1 C7971A tape. Reliable technology and excellent designed to also give a data transfer speed which is equally good with massive capacity and provide fast and safe route with 20MB/Sec native and 40 MB/Sec with compressed transfer data.
Hewlett Packard offer C7978A cleaning caritridge which offers excellent tape drive head cleaning proposals. Constant use of the cartridge and LTO tape drive tape drive makes the head dirty with debris on the surface which could hard the data load and unload processes. Therefore HP LTO Cleaning tape offer best reliable cleaning service and clean the head for further use as well better the life of both cartridge and LTO Ultrium tape drive.
HP C7971A is the first Ultrium tape generation with high capacity and fast reliable speed, these tapes are capable with long term data preservation.
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