I Bought a Great Piece of Art! – How Do I Frame It?

I Bought a Great Piece of Art! How Do I Frame It?
You fell in love, paid the price, and now you want to finish it off with the perfect look. Framing that lovely watercolor or beautiful canvas might be as simple as shopping the aisles of a local hobby store. Before you put the finishing touches on your great piece of art, step back and consider. This wonderful image will grace the walls of your home for a long time.
Compliment The Art
Play matchmaker between image and frame so that the results will compliment your art. A soft, contemporary pastel calls for something simple that won’t overpower its muted shades. Sleek framing with a slender profile can work well for your custom framed art, and both metal and wood are great choices. Large prints and canvasses can handle heavier framing, but let the image guide you. That reproduction of an old master is perfectly at home in an elaborately carved frame. A beautiful seascape will fill up a wall, but keep the frame in proportion to the feel of the image. Boxed framing is a bold way to have fun with small pieces, and thin metal frames can give large canvases the illusion of suspension. Think through your options, and find the right balance between artwork and frame.
Make It Feel At Home
Framing that great piece of art makes it a part of your home, and while you want it to be a focal point, it needs to fit your decor. Falling in love with hues that aren’t part of the bedroom color scheme doesn’t mean that you can’t make them work. The range of available frames can pull every color from the book, giving you a free hand to transition a contrasting look or compliment an overall decorating theme. Simple wood frames are often the easiest solution to hard decorating choices, but there are other options that can help. Matting is a perfect bridge between color schemes and gives depth to a framed piece. Paper matting can pop simple prints into dramatic focal points, and classic linen mats lend an elegant texture to framed pictures. Let the artwork fire up your creative spark.
Finding The Right Frame
There are so many ways to put the finishing touch on your perfect piece of art. If its dimensions are standard, shopping online offers a wide range of styles and prices, and custom options are often available. Don’t overlook neighborhood garage sales or thrift stores. Finding the perfect frame around an old print at the flea market makes the weekend fun and saves wear and tear on the budget. If you’re the DIY type, channel those talents into a small mitre box and the right shade of wood stain. Retail frame shops give you the opportunity to consult with professionals, and this is important if your piece requires unusual handling. Limited edition prints and fresh canvasses need special mounting, so protect your investment.
Framing your new purchase is like icing the perfect cake. Trust your intuition, and temper it with personal style. That great piece of art is a reflection of your good taste, so let it speak to your sensibilities. The perfect frame is the one that’s noticed after the art is appreciated.
Nadine Swayne is a contributing writer and avid art lover. If you find you need help with framing your new image, the professionals at can guide you to a new look for your custom framed art. They carry a wide selection of custom frames that will compliment your new artwork and be a beautiful addition to your home decor.

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