Magnetic Sponsoring, Kung Fu Panda, And Newbie Networkers

Magnetic Sponsoring In Practice is a Beautiful thing indeed.

Recently a good friend of mine who I?ve known for a long time joined up in his first ever business opportunity and was given the same old story about how all you need to do is sign up 5 of your friends and family and then they sign up 5 and you?ll be on easy street etc? I’m sure you’ve heard this before.I know what he’s going through so I asked him about his company and how he planned on building his business, what he was feeling right now, (Frustrated of course) the risks he’d take, his cash flow situation and time he had to give to his new venture and it turns out he?s got No time, No money, No skill set, No sales experience, No idea and an excellent attitude. One thing he does have though is a burning desire to fulfill his dreams of success.

Sounds familier right? He’s got everything it takes I reckon!
He can visualize a grand future for himself and his family, but his only method of getting leads after telling his friends and family is going through the yellow pages and phoning everybody to tell ?em about his fantastic new venture and all they need to do is have a lookYuckhh!!!

After much thought and consideration of his predicament I pieced together a series of tasks to take action on to show him how this business is actually done properly with out wasting money and time on all the wrong things. How to work through the Overwhelming feelings that smother you when you?re just beginning and how to avoid Entrepreneurial seizure. I said to him, your first task is buy your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring and read it over and over again so it becomes a part of who you are and the way you think.

Mike Dillard the author of Magnetic Sponsoring Says, ?YOUR BUSINESS IS MARKETING?. No matter how good your product is, you won?t make a red cent if you don?t know how to market. Mike goes on to say, ?The next two sentences will change your life if you get it?You sell a marketing system to distributers? and ?The marketing system sells your company?s products? (Not the business) My Mate used to be a McDonald?s worker and easily understood the concepts laid out in the book about What your business opportunity actually is.
I re-read Magnetic Sponsoring again today for the millionthtime to put myself in his place and imagine what it?d be like to be in that place again, going through the process, How it feels having the veil taken away from your mind and eyes and being able to see life as it really is for the first time. Oooohhhh?got shivers in my spine, My mouth hurts from smiling so much right now. It takes me back to a different time reading Magnetic Sponsoring about a year ago and which inspired me to write and post it on my old free blog. Here?s the post cut and pasted from that blog. April 24, 2009 Posted by Peter Montgomery | Network Marketers Education and Information Hub | Magnetic Sponsoring,Mike Dillard |

Ever since we bought kung fu panda on dvd my boys (8 and 6) favourite thing to do is test their new found kung fu skills on each other. The younger one loves it the most I was watching them going about their kung fu business in the front yard today and the younger one was getting completely frustrated because his brother would move just out of reach every time he tried to land a kick or a punch. Just so you know , they don?t try to hurt each other deliberately it?s more about the style than anything although they do get hurt sometimes:) Anyway the 6 year old had had enough of his brothers evasive maneuvers and dropped to the ground in tears. I called him over and asked what was happening. He said ?he keeps moving , I can?t get him?. So I said ?well try harder?. He does but the same thing happens. Frustrated at the results he?s getting he comes over and we go through the whole thing again but the results are the same. So I said ?it?s crazy to keep doing the same thing over and over again if it isn?t working try something else? . Naturally he asks ?What?? I?d read Magnetic Sponsoring again today from front to back and had been practicing some of the techniques throughout my day so it was fresh in my mind. In a flash of inspiration and out of earshot of his brother I said ?listen, what you?re doing isn?t working , you keep trying to get him and he keeps moving. What I want you to do is go back over and just stand still, don?t move. He?ll come to you?. He looks at me like I?m nuts. I say ?do it and you see what he does?. So he goes over and just stands still , not looking at his brother. At first the older one moves away but realises he?s not being chased and inches closer , the younger one hasn?t moved at all. Sure enough the older one comes up to him and BAM BAM BAM the younger one lands every hit and kick to his brothers complete surprise. Thrilled with his success he repeats this technique over and over until they decide to finish up. My younger boy comes up to me , the light behind his eyes and the smile on his face says it all. He?d gotten the results he was after. He became the hunted instead of

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