Modular Lighting: Engineering Achievement With Uncompromising Elegance Of Design

At work with the world?s leading architects, interior designers and lighting consultants, Modular International remains alert to the emerging trends in architectural lighting and swiftly responsive to industry demands. Modular has observed that the public?s taste for refinement has sharpened and deliver the specialty lighting by latest technology standards. Modular?s distinction is the marriage of engineering achievement with uncompromising elegance of design brought it to the top three of world leading Lighting manufacturers. Lighting Accents GmbH is sister lighting company of Modular headquartered in Germany and producing essential part of Custom Lighting to meet worldwide electrical and building standards.

Modular International?s standard product line incorporates many company-innovated features, including its patented locking mechanism, lamp shielding retaining ring, trimless new work transformer-accessible series and an extruded aluminum series, Linears?.

Since its conception in the 1970s, Multiples? have been an essential commodity, providing both the industry’s most comprehensive lighting solutions and the standard to which many imitators aspire.

Outdoor lighting, once merely utilitarian, has broadened its functionality. Beyond the important task of keeping people safe and helping them find their way, outdoor lighting can dramatically alter perspective, vary shapes, change moods, and refine textures. The outdoor fixtures in this catalogue are architectural elements in their own right. Fixtures can be unobtrusive and even invisible, but more often they have principal roles. In both commercial and residential applications, they achieve synergy with other design components, helping to produce a harmonious environment.

Modular ingenuity has made it possible to manage the lighting of many kinds of exterior spaces with remarkable precision. The company offers programs for any application, from shopping malls and piazzas to suburban parks, office buildings and homes.

Modular provides both standard and custom outdoor lighting products. For some standard and all custom fixtures, clients may specify a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes, and may choose low voltage or line voltage lamps. New technologies and devices that are part of Modular?s engineering discoveries are standard to these fixtures.

Modular outdoor lighting systems offer the same dependability, innovation, and superior quality that characterize the company?s acclaimed interior lighting products.

Modular has updated and expanded Surface Architectural Decorative Multiples?, fortifying this already exuberant family. To the space-age Nomad Series, Modular has added indirect metal halide and fluorescent uplights, a boon for designers looking for precise functionality as well as cutting-edge design. The geometric Aton Series, each of its lamps also individually orientable, is infinitely adaptable for traditional and basic-contemporary installations.

Modular excels in customizing fixtures and configurations to suit any retail, hotel, institutional, home or office environment. Surface Architectural Decorative fixtures can be ordered in a variety of finishes.

The pioneers of plug-in illumination understand the importance of joining style to real functionality. Modular introduced its plug-in concept barely 15 years ago, and today?s lighting professionals continue to extol the unique marriage of elegant design and flawless performance.

Many of our plug-in models have become classics. Gratified but never complacent, Modular continues to devise accessories that expand scope and flexibility. Modular Plug-ins eliminate the need to choose between strength and refinement.

Since the launch of Modular International Inc. 20 years ago, the artistic and technical limitations of lighting projects have progressively disappeared by our introduction of innovative products. Steady development by our team of craftsmen and technologists means that we can offer needed products almost unequalled in their reliability and range of application. Modular International Inc. gives you the power: to light, to protect, to guide, to decorate and to animate by innovation in lighting.


A light emitting diode is extremely resistant to vibration, compared with incandescent lamps, where the filament is always susceptible to failure from thermal or mechanical shock.

A theoretical life of 20 years.

The very low power consumption is an important consideration where electrical load and cost are concerned.

The latest technological developments mean that leds can almost be considered to be lamps.

Colored diodes are now available with intensities of 6000 millicandelas

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