Practical Home Organizing Guide – Thinking Big With Limited Living Space

A small living space does not mean that you have to consign yourself with cramped living condition. Homeowners have the natural tendency of associating small space with lack of space. This mindset ultimately leads you to a home that is cluttered and disorganized. There is an effective way for you to enjoy the full benefits of your home, notwithstanding the limited living space that you have to work on. Your present predicament with cramped living condition is the result of no planning or poor planning, and not of limited space. This means that proper planning and forethought are essential when you want to put things in order regardless of the amount of space that you have in your home.

Here are some of the important things that you must keep in mind when organizing your home.

1. Home organizing starts with de-cluttering

Clutter is one of homeowner?s worst enemies. One effective way to reclaim space in your home is to get rid of excess stuff. Make a careful inventory of the things that you have in your home and consider giving away those items that you have not been using for the last couple of months. You have to set your priorities and try as much as you can to lessen the ?load? of your home. Explore and find innovative storage solutions. Stow away those items which you do not use on a regular basis.

2. Prepare a comprehensive floor plan

You can never sort things out inside your home if you don?t have a comprehensive floor plan. Before you even start moving your things, it is essential that you have your floor plan in place. Home organizing means that you must have some basic understanding of balance, harmony and rhythm as you don?t want to end up fixing your stuff in a haphazard manner.

3. Adopt the monochromatic type of color scheme

Resorting to variations of one color creates the illusion of a bigger living space. You can create strong appeal by using combination of colors that belong to the same family, tone-on-tone type of fabrics and textured surface finishes on your walls.

4. Use Reflective or See-Through Surfaces

A see-through surface gives the feeling of an expansive living space. The same result can also be achieved if you use reflective surfaces. The preponderance of furnishing and fixtures with glass components as well as metal materials with reflective properties can do wonders in giving you that feeling of a much bigger space in your home.

5. Open up space with sufficient lighting

When used properly, natural and artificial light can be your best tool in opening up your living space. Heavy drapes and limited space do not mix. Heavy drapes can overpower whatever available space that you have and isolate the interior of your home from the source of natural light. It is more appropriate to use lighter type of fabrics for your drapes.

Lamps and recessed lamps can also be used to open up narrow and confined portions of your home. You can seek the advice of in-house interior designers when you visit your local home improvement store.

6. Reclaim your living space by going small

You must observe proper scale and proportion when it comes to your home furnishings and accessories. This means that you are must use elements that are appropriate in size with your current living space. Go for small-sized tables instead of a grand coffee table. It is also more appropriate to use a low profile sofa.

When organizing your home it is essential that you define your space by taking into account not only your floors and walls, but also your windows and other interior features which you can utilize as living space. You have to look at functional issues as well as aesthetic considerations when organizing your home.

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