Smart Living

When we get up in the morning and decide what to wear we make a statement, what we make for dinner, which way we drive to work, choices. Every time we use some criteria, we conciously make selections that create the fabric of our life. What color, style even shape, the choice is in our hands. The things we touch every day make up the world we live in. The stores we shop. The places we dine. Even the way that we manuver thru the day. The personal imprint that we stamp on our space becomes who we are. So if you shop in thrift stores eat at fast food restaurants and take a bus this becomes your world experience. If you drive a sedan, eat at the hot restaurant or shop in a boutique this also becomes your life experience. Traveling in the dark before dawn or in the snow becomes who we are. Blasting your radio in the car is who we are. Talk shows versus music, who you are! Each are choices that we make everyday good or bad. Frivolous or necessary. We should make great choices! Using simple smart criteria to shop, eat, and move thru your life will give you a space, that home spirit that we search for (as shown in your decorater magazine). You can shop at a thrift store and find a gentley used bargain that fits your budget. A smart buy. The fancy boutique has a sale or clearance. A smart buy. The criteria may be; will it last a long time, is it timeless and fit my style. Your choices are great. You have control. What works for you , works! Don?t be lead by people(who know), or by what?s in (with will be out soon), or what you were told by the 30 minute make over on television. You have to live with it. Enjoy what you do. Your own experience is the journey and will be your personal stamp. Those are the smart buys!

Style and Stuff? Name the style: Mediterranean, Traditional, Modern, etc whatever your choice, remeber styles are sometimes trendy. Personally I don?t want a theme room, which in three years may not be popular. Today we can mix different loved pieces together to create a tapestery which becomes our own style. A table from Thailand with a piece of pottery from California next to a find from last weeks street fair become personal and easily moved and changed. Your style is important to you. If you are still searching for a style, guess what. Your life changes and so may your criteria. The plan for today changes with life: marriage, children, pets, a new job, these events and things can put a chink in your plans. Be flexible and have fun. Your new apartment may need a poster to fill a wall or a table next to the couch. Next year you hide the poster in the bedroom and the end table becomes the table on the porch. Today with all the availabilty of things we can fill a home in one weekend with all kinds of treasures. The items from other family members and previous living situations also fill your home. You need a plan. Consider your budget. If you need to funish your home NOW! You buy what you absolutely need first. A few quality items will last a longer period of time. If you like to refinish furniture or are as fickle as I am where as I change things frequently you may save money by making things do for a time. Examine what you have against how you live. Oh yeah throw that thing out . . . it’s O.K.

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