The LTO 3 Media Tapes Steadfast Through First-rate performance

The LTO Ultrium a most successful magnetic tape data storage system ever made. The LTO based on Ultrium technology and magnetic tape format, and this is more advanced and most reliable type of magnetic layered data storage cartridge. Last of a couple of decades magnetic tape format changes different shapes and size compare to very first data storage magnetic tape, now many prominent manufactures are producing many types of tape format with small and compact sizes, offers massive capacities, fast speeds and reliable durability and preservation of important data. But LTO Ultrium is most unique in this way this very reliable and this is based on the combined technology of different manufacturers and although HP, IBM and Seagate have a patent but as the members of the LTO consortium every manufacturer contributing to promote LTO Ultrium technology and enhanced with long lasting techniques and technologies.
Since the commercial introduction of the LTO Ultrium tape format it is continuing to improve with different storage capacities, transfer speed, enhanced features, durability and with reliable performances. The LTO1 tape offers a 100-200GB storage capacity with the 20-40MB/Sec data transfer rate, LTO 1 designed with many advanced and reliable technologies and offers very unique and best features. The next version LTO-2 tapes almost double the overall capability with improved storage capacity 200-400GB and increased fast transfer speed of 40-80MB/Sec with enhanced basic features and reliability.
The next generation LTO3, tapes not just betters overall quality, rather adopted some very unique and excellent technology for better data protection. By using the most effective and reliable WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology which was used in many other formats before LTO Ultrium tapes. The WORM technology was used for many years and proved to be the best and most possible technology for data protection in magnetic tape formats. The LTO-3 Tape, are available with WORM cartridge along with original RW. The WORM prevents data from unauthorized erasing, overwriting and alternation. And enable WORM cartridge to keep very important data for very long time of period.
Remarkable new technologies and advanced methods of coating improved LTO-3 tapes, storage capacity. By using small and thin metal particles and best available dispersion method enable very smooth and even the base film. The high class base film has offered more recording density with increased data track up to 704 on half inch wide tape and 680M long tape. The better recording ability of LTO 3 tape, automatically increased storage data capacity with 400-800GB (2:1 Compression) with fast and reliable data transfer speed of 80-160MB/Sec which is almost doubled from previous LTO 2 tape.
Dell LTO3 tape, is embedded with a built in memory chip (4KB) which is also called LTO-CM. Memory chip offers excellent and reliable features with ability to store the very important cartridge historical usage data and manufacturer information. The memory chip also able to accelerate the transfer speed of desired data, and makes it very easy to search and access to HP LTO3 Tape, dependent data with very high speed and security during data load and unload processes. Memory chip also monitoring the data and helps files to locate in proper position.
Excellent designed of Sony LTO3 tape, improved reliability of stored data and archival files. Perfectly sealed casing prevent inside tape’s components from outside debris and ecological stress. An excellent format also upgraded Maxell LTO3, durability up to 30 years with thousands of passes through the cartridge. The Fuji LTO3 tape, is compatible with all existed LTO Ultrium 3 tape drives with backward read and write ability. All brands of LTO 3 tapes with WORM cartridge and RW formats are available at .

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