Ultrium LTO2 Media Tapes A Faultless Choice

The LTO Ultrium Linear Tape Open, a perfect reliable technology that was developed and invented by HP, IBM and Seagate to prove an obvious and practical choice in a gradually more compound selection of tape storage alternatives. The LTO Ultrium technology is an “OPEN FORMAT” technology , which resources that users will have numerous transport of product and data. The LTO magnetic tape format which has the undoes quality of LTO Ultrium technology also offers a means of facilitating compatibility flanked by diverse vendor contributions. Since the LTO Ultrium technology has been introduced back in the year 2000, the LTO technology significantly improved and enhanced its qualities with massive capacity, speed, performance and long term data preservation according to the storage environments. The LTO 1 tapes offer excellent and impressive data storage capacity with 100-200GB (2:1 compression) with fast and secure data transfer of 20-40MB/Sec. The LTO Ultrium is based on the best combination of available technologies. This is the reason LTO Ultrium becomes most reliable and trusted data storage tape media.
The second generation of LTO2, can save a huge 200GB native and 400GB with compressed data for a single reel half inch magnetic tape format which necessitates eventual hope in its steadfastness. In manufacturing and developing the next generation tape format, LTO consortium goes back over all feature determining tape and system steadiness. The consequence is a 600003229, tape of most favorable data integrity, greater robustness and comprehensive life rotation. The next generation LTO Ultrium tunes perfectly and accuracy coating for most favorable data integrity, therefore they use super and reliable coating through the perfected formulation of ultra fine magnetic metal particles, with this combination created an excellent quality magnetic layer which is applied to a new ultra smooth base film. The mutual feature of equally the magnetic layer and the base film make certain most favorable data integrity.
26220001, the second LTO tape format also uses a dual binder system for better robustness and long term availability of data. Which permanent procedure and elevated speed data recovery can have a considerable force on the automatic constancy of every magnetic tape format. The 183850, LTO Ultrium 2 with the dual binder system making sure reliable and accurate dispersal and setting up of smaller and thinner magnetic particles in a composite set-up formation. The magnetic layer boasts higher durability and longer serving ability even in the most challenging submissions and data storage settings.
Reliable and most amazing design of D2405-LTO2, offers a better shock reluctant ability for inflexible consistency, The wonderful accumulate housing is made from shock challenging material of high stringency. It successfully guards the tape alongside automatic force. The LTO Ultrium cartridge 340-8701, has a built in 4KB memory chip or LTO-CM for immediate desired data access. The LTO Ultrium format permission to a memory chip to store up information connecting to the inside of the cartridge for immediate dependent data approach. The C7972A, data storage tape integrates a non-contact type 4KB capacity cartridge memory to obtain a utmost improvement of the association performance and remain the enormous totals of data conveniently.
The LTX200GWW, is compatible with all existed brands of LTO Ultrium 2 tape drive and automatic libraries. As well backward data read and write compatibility with LTO1 tapes. The LTO2 tape, with the perfect servo system also enhanced the overall quantity and reliability of cartridge with long term availability of archival data. The LTO2 media, which able to serve more than 30 years with thousands of passes throughout the tape parts. All brands of LTO 2 Ultrium cartridges are available at .

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