With Bamboo Shades It Is Nearly Possible To Do It All

Travel to a state or national park. You’ll be awash in the splendor of the trees, the fresh air, and the lovely sounds. Did you know that you could still appreciate the great outdoors, even when you get back home? In fact, you can even take some of nature’s beauty home and put it in your windows. Woven wood bamboo shades are an eco-friendly way to decorate windows; their natural beauty is made possible only because they are made from real bamboo trees.

Bamboo comes from one of the fastest growing trees in the world and is therefore a renewable, natural product. The bamboo used in real woven bamboo shades is taken from trees that can grow as much as four feet or more each month. Because bamboo grows so quickly, people who purchase bamboo shades do not need to feel guilty over the ecological implications of using this resource for their shades.

Every piece of bamboo shades, in their different colors of reeds and tubes, is woven together in the traditional style. The construction of bamboo shades is similar to that of woven fabrics, with the main difference being that a natural and rustic look comes about through the deliberate selection of bamboo pieces that are non-uniform in color and appearance.

The manner in which bamboo shades are stained is another element that makes bamboo shades look natural. Some other companies color or stain their wood so that each piece looks exactly the same. Bamboo shades, however, are treated and stained to preserve their true beauty. The sticks cannot accept a uniform coating of color because of their rough edges, hard grain, and the large bumps and joints. Because of this, the color and appearance of every stick will be different.

These designs, of course, have everything to do with customer taste. Customers have chosen the colors that they like for bamboo shades. For instance, bamboo shades are available in some white designs, but they have the poorest sales statistics in the woven wood shade category. Although the most important color range in shutter, shades, and particularly wood blinds is white, this is among the lowest in popularity for bamboo shades. Instead of asking for traditional white paint or white window treatments, consumers are opting more for the richness and aesthetic appeal found in the naturally darker tones of bamboo shades.

Let’s take another look at the procedure of making bamboo shades from these beautiful trees. In sharp contrast to most other wood based products, bamboo renews itself quickly. Bamboo tree grows almost four feet per month. It does not take long for new trees to become available for harvest since they grow so rapidly. Bringing in bamboo wood, therefore, is eco-friendly. You don’t have to feel like you’re hurting nature when you harvest or buy bamboo. It’s a miracle wood. Not only is it easy to replace, now it is possible to grow bamboo in artificial climates.

As an irrelevant aside, consider that bridges used to be constructed of bamboo in some lands. In places where fishing communities for foot access waters are common, bamboo fishing poles are the norm and are strong enough for the most optimistic of fishermen. This strength does make your bamboo shades stronger, and potentially longer lasting in your window treatments.

With bamboo, you can experience the wonder of being near Mother Earth while indoors at home. These one-of-a-kind shades allow you to have the feel of the great outdoors inside your home spaces by achieving that back-to-nature look. In addition, consumers can rest assured that they will not be causing any environmental damage or distress when using bamboo shades to decorate their home.

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